Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wushu Hoping To Win Country's 1,000th Gold Medal To Chart Its Own SEA Games History

NAYPYITAW (Myanmar), Dec 4 (Bernama) -- The wushu squad may not have set any lofty targets for the Myanmar SEA Games but will be earnestly hoping to win the country's 1,000th gold medal which will be a significant achievement.

The wushu squad will see action on Saturday with Ho Mun Hua (Men's Nan Gun), Loh Jack Chang (men's Taijiquan), Chan Yu Fi (women's Chanquan), Diana Bong Siong Lin (women's Nanquan) and Tai Cheau Xuen (women's Nan Gun) hoping to take a bite at the gold medals at stake and earn the accolade of having won the country's 1,000th gold medal since Malaysia's participation in the games back in 1959.

Wushu who had contributed three gold medals during the 2011 Indonesia SEA Games are hoping to repeat a similar feat in the Myanmar SEA Games.

National coach Yoong Thong Foong said though Malaysia would be fielding four world champions, namely Ho Mun Hua, Phoo Eyin, Diana Bong Siong Lin and Tai Cheau Xuen, they dare not set a lofty target.

"I still remember the Indonesia SEA Games. We set a two-gold target but came back with three. This time we have set three gold medals as our target, so if we win more it will be good," he said watching his charges train at the Wunna Theikdi A Indoor Stadium, here Wednesday.

Yoong however, assured that the team would come back with at least three gold medals.


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