Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vientiane vibes

A cruise

THE speed limit for the city limit in Vientiane is 40kph and 80kph outside the city border.

The low speed limit results in slow traffic in the city akin to drivers going for a holiday.

Fines for speeding, varies according to the speed travelled by the vehicle and on average, drivers who exceeded the 40kph limit, face a RM20 fine while those who exceed the 50kph would have to pay more.

Die-hard fan

A Thai fan drove all the way from Bangkok to Vientiane, just to provide moral support to the Thai contingent.

Kitcha Mibamrung, 46, drove a Nissan Sunny, that has been painted with colours of the Thailand flag and also featured all 10 flags of the Asean countries and Timor Leste.

His car was equipped with drums and other traditional musical instruments that would be used to raise the beat in support of his country’s athletes. — Bernama

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