Friday, November 18, 2011

Rizal confident despite fever

Struck by a slight fever on the eve of a competition he's been dreaming of, Rizal Tisin maintained a confident stance as the national BMX squad hope to achieve what the much criticised and well supported road squad failed to do -- win a Sea Games medal in the inaugural BMX supercross competition in Ancol today.

    Having arrived nine days before the competition to prepare at the track in Ancol, Rizal said he placed his hopes on teammate and national champion Mohd Aim Mohd Fauzi to deliver the goods.

 "I was suddenly struck by a fever and I'm still having a sore throat, but I'll still ride in the competition. There's no turning back now," said Rizal yesterday.

    He said the Sea Games competition will not comprise a time trial to determine seedings as usual, but instead goes straight into elimination moto rounds leading up to the final.

   "We're now well adapted to the track but BMX is still a very unpredictable sport.

"The first turn will be everything here. If we want to stand a chance we must not be left behind at the first turn," said Rizal, the 2008 World Championships 1km time trial bronze medallist and double Asian champion in track cycling.

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